Hey hey folks!  Don't be mad...I was only gone for a few months :)

Let's have a little randomness to get us back in the swing of things!

I'm that person...
Who doesn't remember the last time I gave my kid a bath
Who just took her Christmas tree down on March 6
Who still is not excited about going to Disneyworld

We rescued a chocolate lab puppy...
He barks at thunder (and every forest sound outside)
He scoops all the water out of the water bowl with his paws until the kitchen is a swimming pool
He finds every piece of paper and shreds it

The elections are upon us...
I voted for Hillary (but could have just as easily voted for Bernie)
If you vote(d) for Trump, you're part of the problem
It'd be great if everybody stopped badmouthing other candidates to each others faces before just assuming they are voting the same way

I started a new job...
Being a supervisor isn't so hard, as long as you recognize your employees are adults and should be treated as such
Working at a blood center for 10 years, I thought I understood the blood need...boy was I wrong
Having 5-6 requests come across your desk a week for pediatric open heart surgeries is heartbreaking

I'm on a new medicine...
That insurance is finally paying for
That gives me the ability to actually not cry, even though I might want to
That allows me to not spend all hours of my day angry and/or depressed

Spring is here...
My allergies are already in full bloom and there's pollen on my car
It's already 80° outside
Summer is unfortunately that much closer
And to all my Wisconsin friends: have no fear, spring is on the way...the robins are making their way through Augusta this weekend on their way back home!

I'll try to get my life together and remember to update this a little more frequently