I've been told I'm pretty hard to shop for because I never actually tell anybody what I want.  It's true...I don't outwardly tell anybody "hey, I want this for Christmas!" so people just end up guessing at something that I want.  Sometimes I like it, sometimes I find it entirely useless and I don't know what would prompt anybody to even think that it might be something I would like.

So this year....I'm going to make it easy!  Here are FIVE things I'd like for Christmas (or for my birthday).  Please...pretty please...let Santa know I'd like these things!

great way to organize pots and pans...i hate how my muffin pans and cookie sheets slide around all over each other under my oven every time i open the drawer...:
Custom cabinets?
I want something customized in my cabinet JUST LIKE THIS to hold all my baking pans and trays and cutting boards and cooling racks and maybe pot/pan lids....I want it real bad. I don't know what this might even cost...but it sure would be nice to come home after work the week of Christmas and see at least one of my lower cabinets redone like this :)

brunette hair color with caramel ribbons:
I want hair color like this, but with some dark red under there somewhere
Gift certificate for pedicure and enough money to get my hair cut and colored
I realized it's been over a year since my last hair cut.  It's been over a year since my last hair color.  And it's been way over a year since my last pedicure.  Part of it is because I just can't fathom spending that kind of money on myself...on vanity....on a body and head that I can't stand anyway.  The other thing is the reason.  My hair takes at least an hour...and a pedicure takes at least an hour.  I go home and cook pretty much every day, so I can't take an hour out of my time to get my nails done.  And my hair lady is in South Carolina somewhere that I don't really know, but I know it's not exactly close to home.
**Also, somebody to cook dinner for me so that I don't have to worry about not having the time to indulge in these things...and somebody to watch my kid.

Kohler over-the-counter cutting board >> HERE
New wooden cutting board
I had a wooden cutting board (a really nice one, in my opinion) and just recently had to through it out.  See, I didn't know that wooden cutting boards were like cast iron pans...you've got to take special care of them.  I didn't know that.  My cutting board regularly went through the dishwasher and I didn't know there such a thing as "wooden cutting board oil" that was to be applied after each wash (not a dishwasher-wash, FYI).  So my board naturally lost it's nice sheen, and then it warped, and then it cracked.  I loved that board.  It was the only cutting board I had that had rubber feet that didn't actually slide around on my granite counters.  Everything else slides...drives me bonkers.  But this cutting board here has a lip that hangs over the edge of the counter top.  So when I'm cutting things like chicken, the cutting board won't be sliding all over the place with every cut!  It'll just hang onto the edge of the counter and I won't have to worry about it!
**Also, I totally apparently need some of this >> John Boos Mystery Butcher Block Oil

Buy this textbook >> HERE
Baking textbook
Last year I got << this amazing book >> for Christmas, but it wasn't what I hoped it would be.  Maybe I just read the reviews wrong.  The basis of the book, this VERY large book, is not to teach one how to cook, but teach one how to be a professional chef.  Apparently those two things are not actually the same.  The latter implies that you already know how to cook, so the book teaches you things needed for a restaurant setting:  food safety guidelines, how to calculate nutrition in servings, how to calculate how much ingredients needed for each serving, and recipes designed to feed 10-12 people.  Still an EXCELLENT resource, but not quite what I was looking for.  This book, however, is an actual baking textbook.  Reading the reviews, it really does teach HOW to bake...the science behind it, the importance of measuring ingredients, what each ingredient does and how it interacts with the others, and then, of course, plenty of recipes.  The reviews say it's great for a beginner baker.  It's expensive...I mean, it's a textbook, so it's over $100.  But....please?
**Also, I want this reference book to go with it!  Or on it's own would be fine, too >> The Pastry Chef's Companion

LUSH Gift Card image

Gift card to Lush
I want so many things from Lush, but we don't have a store closer than 2 hours, so I have to order my things.  Let me tell you what, Lush is a real bitch when it comes to charging for shipping.  Maybe I'm just spoiled with free shipping from Amazon Prime, but I absolutely hate paying for shipping.  I'm sorry, but $6 shipping is too much for one bath melt and two bubble bars.  Or, if you really want to just get me something, I'll take the Mangoed bath melt.  Mm hmm!

And one more for good measure:  A 1-month gift of maid service.  That would really help me out.  A nice, professional, deep clean of the house would be much appreciated!

You've got my list....now get to shopping :)

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