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*There's nothing to report on regarding Dave, so I'll move on to something else until I do have something to report on*

I'm feeling a little "let me tell you about me" today (not that that's a feeling or anything), so I thought I'd give you some insight into my soul.  Most of you who know me personally already know these things about me, though maybe not in quite so much detail.  

Big ones first....

1.  I have a soft spot in my heart for anyone in need, be it person or animal.  Like most people who even slightly like animals, the ASPCA commercials make me want to give them all my money.  But UNLIKE most people, I also feel that way about the commercials with the starving kids around the world.  I cry for them, too.  I want to help every single soul who needs it.  I want to give any extra money I have to somebody who needs it more than I, or to a charity that supports a phenomenal cause.  I want to give up all of my time and volunteer with the Peace Corps, or even just participate in a local church's mission trip (as long as the goal isn't to convert everyone to Christianity).  I want to put my friend's and family's needs above my own....I'll absolute help out and sit with a grieving family at the hospital for hours without a care in the world about what time I'll get my own dinner on the table...my family can wait, these people are way more important than my own.  And of course, every animal adoption event I go to and every stray I see on the street...I want to save them all.  If I had the time, space, and money...I probably would.  No, I don't need anything in return...just a simple "thank you" will suit me just fine...and it doesn't matter if it comes right away or 15 years from now.  I just want to help every person, in any way that I can, all of the time. It makes me happy deep down in my soul!!
Emily Dickinson Poem If I can stop one heart by Riverwaystudios

2.  I absolutely cannot stand being interrupted.  In fact, I'll go ahead and say it...I HATE HATE HATE being interrupted.  Would it seriously kill people to wait another 10 seconds until I'm finished speaking my thought?  It literally pains my insides to be interrupted when I'm in the middle of saying an idea, or telling a story, or discussing something that I'm feeling passionate about.  If we're chatting, and you interrupt me, you'll probably see my jaw clench...it keeps me from screaming at you.
Oh, i'm sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

3.  I'm very particular about proper grammar and spelling when I type.  You've probably already noticed this, but I really like a lot of independent clauses when I type.  It's a grammar thing...I just love commas.  I feel like the way I write ought to reflect the way I talk (which, I might add, is not always advised...if you talk like crap, don't write that way).  If I talk with a lot of information, then I want my sentences to reflect that.  So yes, I'll use a lot commas.  I also really like ellipses ( ... ) because sometimes they're better at conveying the pause I hear in my head when I type.  And I love expressive punctuation.  I love exclamation points to show when I'm excited about what I'm typing.  If I would say it with some expression on my face, it's getting an exclamation point when I type it.  If I'm really excited about it, it'll get multiple exclamation points!  If I would put some excitement into a question when I talk, then it's going to get a " ?!" when I type it.  Sure, I screw up some of the basic grammar rules, such as "never end the sentence in a preposition".  Well...sometimes that rule is stupid and most people don't talk like that.  I'm pretty good at it, but sometimes I don't really care.  If you can't actually picture me saying what you're reading, then I'm not conveying it properly...and that's really important to me!  I like my typing to read naturally...as if I'm standing in front you talking (and you're not interrupting me, right?).  Now that right there is something I'm unsure of.  I want to put some punctuation at the end of my side thought in parentheses, but then I also want to end the sentence...can I do that?  Can I use a method of punctuation, close out the parentheses, and then immediately use another punctuation symbol?  I just don't know about that one.  I'm also pretty crazy about the whole "there/their/they're" and "your/you're" issue.  I correct Dave all the time, though I suspect his mistakes are out of sheer laziness to correct it, because surely by now I've reminded him of the rules enough times!  Oh, and the Oxford comma...I'm a STRONG believer in that little sucker!  And spelling.  If you're a grown woman (or man), you better not type status updates on Facebook (or texts) with these heinous items:  "u/ur = you/your", "wat = what", "2 = to/too", "n = and", "cud = could", "sexi = sexy".  Those things (among others) drive me batty!  I'm also a stickler for the "two spaces after a period" rule I was taught in high school.  Most people don't do this anymore...I still really enjoy that extra little bit of space after a period...there's something so comforting in it. (I have multiple pictures below because I couldn't pick just one!)
Yes!  Lmao
LOL  Grammar is still important, kids.

4.  I'm sensitive.  Wait, scratch that...I'm ultra sensitive.  My feelings get hurt very easily, and often times for no reason at all.  It's incredibly illogical, but it is what it is.  One of the biggest things I take to heart is the words used, the tone of voice used, and the expression on the face.  You can be saying something perfectly regular to me, such as "Can you please hand me a paper towel?" but if you've got a look on your face or a tone in your voice (even if you have absolutely no idea that it's there), it will probably make me upset.  I take things to heart, even when I shouldn't.  And actions speak very heavily with me.  If we're hanging out and you're checking your phone and texting the whole time, that hurts my feelings.  If we make plans to hang out, but then you tell me that you can only stay for an hour because you've got plans with so-and-so, that hurts my feelings.  If multiple friends are at my house hanging out and both leave, but then I notice that you stay outside for another half hour talking and laughing, I will get my feelings hurt and sit in the house and cry.  I get emotional real fast and I can cry at the drop of a hat.  Not because I'm faking it and looking for attention (I actually can't stand for people to see me cry, or to point out that I'm crying, or to ask me "are you crying?"), but because I can actually cry for just about anything.  I cry when I'm happy, upset, mad, anxious, frustrated, overwhelmed, tired...you name it, I can cry about it.  Click on the picture below to check out a link about sensitive people (numbers 8 and 9 are the only ones that don't resonate with me).
This makes much more sense than feeling the negative connotations when others say I'm too sensitive.

And now some small things:
1.  I often times get so overwhelmed that I'd rather sit down and have a cry over it than get up and do something about it.  (Like yesterday when I got home and was trying to have craft time with Aria, and she wasn't paying attention, so I got mad about it...then I got upset about getting mad at her, so I started to cry.  Aria asked why I was crying...I said, between sobs of course, "I'm a bad mom!" and she ran at me, hugged me, and said "no mommy, you're a good mommy...I love you!" which of course made me cry even harder.  I was a mess.)

2.  I get really jealous of other people who are stay at home moms, especially when they post crafts they've accomplished and meals they've cooked and activities they've done with their kids.  I mean, I get unnecessarily jealous.

3.  If somebody does something nice for me or says something really nice about me, it'll make me cry.  I don't ever expect anyone to do anything nice for me, so when it happens, I'm blown away.  (But I suppose that goes along with the whole sensitive thing...)

4.  I have an addiction to the mint flavored EOS lip balm.  I just love it...

5.  I have so many dreams and ambitions, but I don't know how to get there.

6.  When I retire, I want to will travel the world.  I want to see every "corner" of this earth and experience all that I can.  Dave and I got the privilege to go to Europe for two weeks for our honeymoon.  Since then, I've had this wanderlust that never fades.  I want to go everywhere, see everything, do everything.

So there you are...a little look at my special brand of "crazy".
We're all a little crazy...it's perfectly normal.
(none of the images contained within are my own)

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