Quick update on Dave first!  Today he's going for a follow-up CT scan (and is not too excited to have to drink that contrast again) and some labs.  Last night he was worried that the CT scan results would be bad and he'd have to start everything all over again.  I don't know what to do to help him not think that way.

And next week, he starts a new job with a new company that he's been wanting to work with for a few years now, so he's really excited about that.

Anywho, my mommy bought me my very first cast iron skillet and I'm BEYOND excited to try it out!!  Of course, Dave tried to use it in his favor when he reminded me that we could use it this weekend if I agreed to go camping.  That boy must've lost his mind!

Here are a few things I'm excited to make in my new skillet.  Enjoy :)

Cast Iron Chocolate Chip Cookie
original recipe >> here
This is the VERY FIRST thing I want to make with my new skillet!! Everybody knows I love to bake...and look at this giant cookie!  MMM!  Put some vanilla ice cream on top, let it melt, a little, and devour!  YUM!

skillet focaccia 7a 679x1024 One Hour Skillet Focaccia
Get recipe >> here
My favorite .... favorite.... bread at Panera Bread is the Asiago Focaccia.  I get it on every sandwich I get there (which, to be honest, is really just one sandwich over and over and over again).  Now...I can make it at home!  Well, almost anyway...but still, I can make my own focaccia.  So when I figure out how to make my chicken salad taste like their Napa Almond Chicken Salad, I'll have the perfect sandwich....at home!  I can't wait!

baked macroni and cheese
Baked Macaroni and Cheese >> recipe here
I do love mac and cheese...and making mac and cheese in a cast iron skillet means only two dishes:  the one to cook the pasta and the one for everything else.  Win win!

Old Fashioned Sugar Cake-no icing needed for this light and flavorful cake!
Recipe >> here
I've had this cake recipe sitting on my Pinterest for FOREVER...just waiting for me to get a cast iron skillet.  Can't wait to finally be able to make this simple (no frosting required) sugar cake!

Tasty Kitchen Blog: Pizza Nachos. Guest post by Maria Lichty of Two Peas and Their Pod, recipe submitted by TK member Dax Phillips of Simple Comfort Food.
Skillet Nachos >> recipe here
The actual recipe is for Pizza Skillet Nachos...but seriously, you can use whatever nacho toppings you want, like leftover shredded beef or pork from a crock pot meal, or that last chicken breast that you didn't want to take for lunch because you had nothing to go with it.  The idea of nachos cooked in a skillet in the oven reminds me of the super tasty nachos we used to get at Rooster Beak before it closed ...sad face.  Now I have another thing to plan for dinner...even Aria eat's nachos (if they're not spicy).

Do you have a cast iron skillet?  What's your favorite thing to make in it?

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  1. I love using my skittle for cooking macaroni and cheese. We used to prepare it in a tray in the over for an hour, but the skillet allows you to cook it faster and it comes out amazing. I never tried the cookie idea, but I think this is something I can easily do with just a few minutes of preparation.

    Diane Baker @ Alejandra's Restaurant