Just a quick update to let you know I'm still here.  Last week saw one of the worst day's I've ever experienced:  my grandpa's funeral.  I spent last week in Wisconsin spending time with family as we said our final goodbye's to grandpa.  It was so sad...but so beautiful.  After I can spend some time going through the pictures at my parent's house, I'll post a dedicated entry just for him.  

To recap last week:
A total of 40 hours spent in the car
A change of temperature from 93 to a frost warning back to 93
A fever of 102.2
Cheese curds and a chocolate malt
An attempted whiskey (and brandy) manhattan
Only recognizing three of my relatives (give me a break, I have 180 of them)
All my extended cousins think I'm my mom
Discussed where "roundabouts" came from (according to Victoria's teacher, they come from Canada)
Learned why Catholics include the obituary in their sympathy cards
Learned my brother doesn't know how to return a rental car at a small regional airport
Participated in the most beautiful funeral
Said goodbye to the most wonderful man this earth has ever known

Have a good week, y'all while I attempt to adjust to this extreme heat we've got going on down here!

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