Wonderful Wedding Weekend

Sometimes you need some alliteration to start your day! :)

Hey there folks!! I know I've been MIA lately....I feel like I've been in a whirlwind of activities and events and I think this is the first week I don't have ANYTHING going on until the weekend.

We spent the weekend in Atlanta at the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to!  My dear friends Cherie (check her out over at >> Waiting on Wildflowers) and Lee got married this weekend!  WOO WOO!  That wedding was full of so much love and my favorite part was when Cherie was so excited that she was bouncing on her toes during the ceremony.  It was so wonderful to see two people so in love with each other.  I've never seen a groom cry from happiness upon seeing his bride for the first time.  And I've never heard such beautiful vows...so full of love and tenderness for one another (and a few laughs).  Even the toasts that were given were absolutely beautiful; the way these two people inspire their close friends and family so much is such an incredible blessing.

And by the way...the decorations and the flowers:  TOP NOTCH!  And the food!  There were these lovely bacon covered dates during the cocktail hour...I seriously wanted that waiter to just leave the whole tray at our table!  The goat cheese salad during dinner was bangin' and the cakes...my goodness the cakes...I had the vanilla with peach buttercream....phenomenal!!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Hurt and welcome to your next adventure!  
Looking forward to our next family Mexican Monday with the newlyweds!

Picture courtesy of Cherie's awesome Aunt Mary Francis!

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