(Let me preface this post by saying THIS IS NOT ME BEING UNGRATEFUL!!!!!!)

Lots of people offer to help all the time.  The two biggest things offered are "Can I bring you a meal?" and "Give me a call if you want me to take Aria for a few hours."  That's great and very much appreciated (I really do have some of the BEST coworkers and friends!).  But why doesn't anybody ever offer to help with the things I REALLY need help with?  I can handle cooking...what about the rest of the stuff...like chores?!

"Would you like me to come over and do your dishes for you?"

"I'm heading to the grocery store and then coming to your house, do you need any supplies?"
(such as trash bags!)

"Can I come over and do your litter box tonight for you?"

"I'm going to stop by and do a load of your laundry.  Would you like for me to put it away, as well?"

"Tonight is trash night for me, when is your trash night?  I'll stop by and take your trash out."

"I noticed you haven't bathed your kid in over a week...Can I come help you with that?"
(Gosh I'm such a bad mom)

"Would it be OK if I came over later today and helped you look for all the missing spoons?"
(yes, I am missing most of my spoons.  I suspect most are under the couch)

"I'm making some sort of dessert, I'll bring you some!"
(although, Beth did bring some cake that I accidentally left at her house, so that's AWESOME!)

"Can I come over and BE you for a solid 2 hours so you can relax outside (or wherever) with some wine/coffee and a book and pretend like nothing else in the world exists except the characters?"
(there seriously was one night last week when I took the trash out and then stood outside in my driveway watching the rain for a good 10 minutes...simply because I needed the fresh air and quiet.)

These are all the things I really want help with....I never hear any of those questions!

(In all fairness, I know nobody EVER offers any of these things to anybody...that's just crazy.  Who the hell wants to go to somebody else's house and do chores?! That's ridiculous!)

**I hate chores. Chores chores chores.** 
(when you read that, you have to read it in your best Ron Burgundy voice.  What, you don't know who Ron Burgundy is?  OK...watch the video below with sound and you'll get it.  And then, in your spare time, watch the whole Anchorman movie -- but not the second one, it's stupid.  If you hate it, then I apologize, but at least it will be one more obscure movie reference you'll understand....and all other subsequent references from this movie that you'll notice after you watch it.  Just give it a shot!) 

--- Sorry for that extra rant....wow, that escalated quickly!  
See what I did there?!...If you've watched the movie, you'll get it!

And no, I won't let you (not a specific "you"....this is for anybody who offers to take her that isn't family) take Aria....she's a handful and, if you're not used to her, she'll end up tying you up and locking you in the closet.  You'll be dropping her back off within the hour!
You can't handle her, I promise!

Seriously though, to everybody reading this, please don't start asking me what kinds of chores you can help me with.  I really don't need help, it's just things I think about while doing the chore itself (because, like every other working mother in the world, I'm too busy and too tired for all these damn chores).  I'm not complaining and appreciate ALLLLLL of the 
offers for help and am gracious to accept whatever is offered! 

Thank you to all who have offered to help in any way, and to all who have already helped.  Your kindness and generosity has really helped in the last few weeks 
and Dave and I thank you so very much!

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