Family Shaving Time

As mentioned in my previous post, Dave noticed in the shower that his hair was beginning to fall out on Monday morning.  He decided that when he got off work, he would head to Great Clips to get it all shaved off and then he'd come home and shave his beard off.

There is a wonderful program at Great Clips called Clips of Kindness .  This program, which went into effect at ALL Great Clips locations just this past July, offers free haircuts for those who are facing hair loss due to cancer treatment.  According to the website, "It's a small gesture in the big fight against cancer. But, it's Great Clips’ way of trying to make things just a little better."

So he left home yesterday morning with all his hair in tact (well, aside from the bits of hair he had already lost in the shower) and a full beard on his face.  Upon arriving home from work, he had a bald head and a bald face.  Aria looked at him and said "Daddy, you look funny"... Leave it to a 3 year old to point out the obvious!

After dinner, we took part in "family shaving time".  Aria and I crowded around Dave as he shaved his head and face until it was smooth.  I even got to help (OH JOY!)

When it was time for Aria to go potty before bedtime, she came running in her bathroom with her shirt up saying "mommy, shave my belly!" Not like she's furry or anything...that would be weird...but apparently she felt like she wanted something shaved like Daddy.  She's so weird.

So here he is, in all of his "Uncle Fester" glory.  On Facebook, he captioned this picture as "CANCER CAN SUCK IT!"  All I could say about the picture was that he should have smiled in the bearded picture (because he likes having the beard and it makes him happy) and looked like he was in super-d**k mode in the other picture (because nobody likes losing their hair to chemo, or so I've been told).  He claimed he had a straight face in the beard picture because "it makes me look BAD-ASS!".  I disagree.

My cousin so lovingly commented on this picture with "at least you still have your chest hair."  Oh yes...lets all be thankful that he still has ALL of that going on....mm hmm....(seriously though, when will THAT fall out...because I'm really looking forward to that one!)

And here's this...because I found it fitting, with the "shaving" theme of today's post :)
Even though he doesn't use Gillette...he uses Dollar Shave Club.  
Guys, go check it out! 
Ladies, go check it out for your men! (Well 'man'...unless you're into the idea of "men"....that's your mess, not mine!)

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