The First Weekend

Friday October 10, 2014 - First day of rest
The last day Dave had worked was September 4th.  He'd been out for 4 weeks from the surgery and now had started chemo.  He was DYING to go back to work the first day after chemo.  So he woke up today, feeling "not good, but OK enough to try to go to work".

I thought that was a terrible idea.  Not that I don't have any faith in my husband, I just thought it was a horrible plan.

He didn't even make it at work more than an hour.

I went to pick him up. My dad came along to pick up Dave's truck. On the way home he admitted that it was a bad idea to have tried to go to work, he "just wanted to do something to make him feel normal".  I get that...but the first day after chemo is not the right time!

After that, he told his boss he'd give him a call on Wednesday.

He was pretty tired that evening.  I recall he had eaten a little for dinner, but I'm not sure what.

Aria spent the night at my parent's house (THANK GOD!) and my mom and I decided that on treatment weeks, Aria would start staying at my parent's Wednesday evening and she'd stay until Saturday.  It would just be easier for all involved.

Saturday October 11
Lazy day on the couch at home.
Nothing big to report on.  Dave felt OK.  Not great, but OK.

Sunday October 12
Today we drove to Atlanta to surprise Aria with "Disney's Frozen on Ice".  Dave wasn't sure if he'd be able to make the drive, so I drove instead.  It was a pretty uneventful trip, aside from the fact that Aria didn't nap...at all.  What sort of kid doesn't nap on a 2 hour car ride?!

Aria had a BLAST! Dave did very well, also.  We had been prepared for him to feel tired during the show because it was the most he had done in a week, but he did great.  I think Aria's joy was enough to keep him up and smiling.  He even volunteered to go buy her things when she asked.

After it was over, we had dinner in ATL.  Dave's appetite was finally back! He ate his whole burger and most of his fries.

He even offered to drive home.  In hindsight, I'm glad that I accepted his offer because I definitely fell asleep a few times on the way home!

Today was a GREAT day!

We know one of two things will happen tomorrow:
1.  Dave will wake up feeling refreshed and great because of all the exercise, fresh air, and food he got today.
2.  He'll sleep late and his body will hate him for all the activity today and he'll feel like ass.

Here's hoping for scenario numero uno!

As of today, the metallic taste continues, the neuropathy continues, and the tiredness continues...though not at all extreme like during the week.

(Yay, I'm almost caught up in time so I can start writing concurrently!)

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