Christmas Eve Eve

OK y'all...I'm seriously not feeling the Christmas spirit this week.  It was totally there last week, but it has fizzled rapidly.

I have SO much to do.  Here's a flaw of mine:  When I feel overwhelmed, I have a problem prioritizing.  When there's so much to do, I don't know where to start...I can't seem to figure out what's more important and what needs to be done right away.  So I have a seat to ponder and come up with a plan.  Well wouldn't you know it, 6 hours later I'm still sitting and I still don't know where to start...and then it's time for bed and the whole day has gone and I got nothing done.  That's what happened to me this weekend.

Now it's Tuesday afternoon, and I'm wishing that I had just taken this entire week off.  Though it's possible that I still wouldn't have gotten anything done for fear of choosing the wrong task to start with.

I didn't make the Christmas cookies that I make EVERY year.  They're an all day affair and I'm officially out of time.

I still have to pick up some grocery items that I forgot to get on Sunday when I went shopping (the shopping that I should have done on Saturday).

I need to make the double batch of Oreo truffles that I should have made on Sunday.

I need to make the chex mix that I should have made yesterday.

I need to finish wrapping the presents that should have been done on Sunday.

I need to have Aria make her Christmas presents that will take several hours that I should have started yesterday.

Dave wants to go out to eat for dinner tonight and then go shopping for the rest of everything I need, so we won't be home until after 7.

I have to go out tomorrow morning and buy bagels and pick up the Honey Baked Ham order because I left my HBH gift card at home today.

I have to finish cleaning the house...vacuum the living room, wipe the kitchen table, clean out that stupid stock pot that's still sitting in my sink, wipe the kitchen counters, clean the stove top.

All the groceries that aren't perishable are still sitting in their bags on the kitchen counters because, hey, why bother putting them away when I'm just going to need them in a day or so anyway.

Tomorrow I have to make the pigs in a blanket, the baked ziti, the meatballs, the kale and artichoke dip, the strawberry and banana salad.

Then it's family time and presents....finally...something fun!

After presents, I have to prep the overnight nutella french toast and get everything cleaned up and all the food put away.

Christmas morning I have to bake the french toast, make the sausage and peppers, make the egg casserole...then more presents.

Oh it's going to be a busy...BUSY 72 hours!

All while I'm busy worrying about my husband who has cancer, my grandpa who is apparently less healthy than we thought, my dad who just had foot surgery today, and my coworker's family who's little 3 month old baby is still in the PICU after another open-heart surgery and is struggling to stay alive.   It's all very emotionally and mentally taxing.

Come on 2014....it's time for you to move on.  Hurry up now.

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