20 Ways to Stay Sane While Camping

1.  Do NOT go camping in the rain.  It sucks and nobody (repeat:  NOBODY) will have a good time.
2.  When the majority of the people on the camping trip want to go to home (including the dog), GO HOME!
3.  Even if the park says "don't bring in your own firewood", it's a crock...bring your own because their firewood sucks and won't stay lit because the inside is still wet.
4.  Bring something to do inside the tent for when it rains.
5.  Bring something to do inside the tent for when it rains and whatever you brought for #4 breaks unexpectedly.
6.  Bring TWO extension cords because the logical place to put the tent is just over 20 feet away from the electrical hook up.
7.  Don't feed the geese on the first day or they won't leave you alone. (we actually were smart enough not to feed the geese)
8.  Make sure your first aid kit has burn ointment in it so when two of the three people camping get burned by the same propane stove, you can alleviate the pain and stop the burning.
9.  Park near, but not too near, the bathroom...because it's a long walk with a sleepy toddler who has to go real bad.
10.  Don't forget the towels, even if you don't plan on swimming.  You'll get wet enough from the rain to need them.
11.  Do NOT buy those cute camping tableware sets...because doing dishes when camping SUCKS.
12.  Don't forget coffee filters for your percolator...because the holes in the basket are definitely big enough for the coffee grounds to fall out of.
13.  When mutiny is afoot, bribe with presents...such as a kaleidoscope kit and a stuffed animal.
14.  When using bug spray on your clothes, do not then use your shirt to wipe off your glasses.  The bug spray is corrosive and apparently eats away at some plastic and you will no longer be able to see out of your glasses and then will require you to buy new ones upon arriving home.
15.  Bring other bug spray besides OFF...you know, the kind you spray on the ground to kill all the ants.
16.  Don't leave your cloth chairs out in the rain.
17.  Remember fishing poles ... they are of no use when left in the garage (and fishing is an activity you can do in the rain!)
18.  Don't make reservations ahead of time that you don't want to cancel later...thereby forcing you to go camping on the most miserable weekend of the season.
19.  Leave your non-camping wife at home :)
20.  Don't go camping unless there is a temperature-controlled building with a room all your own, a pool with tropical trees, a big comfy bed with lots of fluffy pillows, and a maid.

Poor Sophie was cold, wet, and ready to go home

First time getting in the lake as soon as the rain [finally] cleared

Sophie's only form of entertainment

Look at this awesome caterpillar we found!

Dave and Aria had never seen what happens when you put certain types of metal into a fire...everybody loves a color fire!

THIS is what happens to your glasses when you wipe them off with your shirt that you just sprayed bug spray all over

the PERFECT s'more! >> the secret:  keep it away from the flames and use dark chocolate

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