Convos With My Kid

A quick installment of Convos with my Kid!  We're going camping (blech) in the rain (double blech) this weekend and I'm hoping (not quite as secretly as I would like) that Aria will have a horrible time and I'll never have to go again.  Or maybe she'll love it and we can go more often on non-rainy, non-buggy days so we can get our money's worth out of all the supplies we bought.  Needless to say, I'm the least excited about going camping compared to Dave and Aria.

Aria has been particularly "grown" lately....

A Lesson on Baby vs. Big Girl
D:  You're my baby.
A:  No I'm not, I'm a big girl!
D:  But you'll always be my baby.
M:  Aria, mommy is grandma's baby...and even know I'm big now, I'm still grandma's baby.
A:  You're grandma's baby?  That's because you cry all the time, mommy.

A Lesson on Punishment to Location Ratio
D:  Aria, knock it off or I'll put you in time out!!
A:  Where are you going to put me in time out?  We're riding in the car!

Another Lesson on Big Girls
A:  Look mommy, a boogie!
M:  Aria, you better not eat that boogie...
A:  Oh I'm not going to eat my boogies and toenails anymore, mommy.
M:  Oh?
A:  Nope.  I'm not going to eat my boogies and toenails anymore because now I'm four, and four year olds are big girls, and big girls don't eat boogies and toenails.  That's so gross!
M:  Well OK then!

A Lesson on Gender Roles
A:  Mommy, how many more days until we go camping?
M:  Just one more day honey.  Tomorrow is Thursday...then the day after is Friday and we're going camping after I pick you up from school around lunch time.
A:  Well then that's two days more days until camping, not one.
M:  Yes dear.
A:  Mommy, who's going to put up the tent?
M:  Mommy and daddy are going to put it up, but if it's raining, just daddy will put it up.
A:  What can I do to help?
M:  You can hold the tent stakes for us and hand us one when we ask.
A:  Can I hammer them in?
M:  Well no honey, I think daddy will handle that part.
A:  No!  I want to hammer them in with that hammer I saw in the back of daddy's car.
M:  OK honey, but you'll have to ask daddy.
A:  Daddy already said I could hammer something with that hammer!
M: OK.
A:  Mommy, I have a new plan.  I'm going to set up the tent, you can help, and daddy can go find us some fire wood.  Does that sound like a good plan?

Have a good weekend, y'all!  Hopefully this rain will move out soon!

My weekend will be like this, but in a tent...oh goodie

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