I know my brother just loves when I write things about books :)

Sorry I'm late...I was sick most of the weekend, thanks to the perfect cocktail of tree pollen and mold spores we have going on down here.  Seriously springtime...enough!

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it's time to start developing your summer reading list!  Fall, winter, and spring are seasons meant for reading hard, gripping, insightful books.  But summer...summer is for reading fun, cutesy, beachy, lovey-dovey kind of books.  The books you could get through in a day or two if you had nothing else to do but sit poolside all day long and sip on pina coladas.  The kind of books that you pack for vacation and know you'll be finished with them before you get home.  The kind of light, easy reads that keep a small smile on your face the whole time you're reading them.  No Gone Girl or The Book Thief allowed....just fun, easy, light reads!

So here are five books that I'm hoping to indulge myself in this summer.  What's on your summer reading list?

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I saw this book just browsing through the sale racks at 2nd and Charles a few weeks ago and remembered seeing it on a list of top 100 books to read in 2015 or something like that.  The reviews mentioned that it was non-fiction and was a first hand account of a man and wife on an athropology trip to a remote island somewhere in the Pacific.  It apparently tells of their extensive misfortunes while on this trip and is supposedly absolutely hilarious and "LOL funny".  Well it was only $2, so of course I bought it :)

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A man is hired as "internet security specialist", but his job is to read every email that gets sent to and from every employee in the company.  And then...he falls in love with one of his coworkers as she's sending emails back and forth with one of her girlfriends in the same company (or so that's the gist I get from the Amazon description).  Looks cute!

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I just love Chelsea Handler!

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Did I say fun, light reads?  Well...I'll just sneak this one in!  First off, I didn't even KNOW the movie was based on a book, so that's exciting.  Second, in reading the reviews, the movie strayed so far from the book that reading it is like reading a whole different story.  So that's neat!! I'll be sure to read this one when I'm NOT sitting on a beach somewhere!

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This is a sequel to Broken.  Not gonna lie, it's ... mature.  But hey, ya gotta have a little filth on your summer reading list, am I right?!  Who doesn't love cowboys?

You have some of my list...now go get started on yours!

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