Book Review: Lone Wolf

It took me forever to finish it, but I've FINALLY finished my lunch book at work!  Lets be honest, a girl can only get so much reading done in 30 minutes in a busy break room with a ton of chatter, all while trying to stuff my face with whatever tasty leftovers I have.

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All in all, a decent read.  It was my first Jodi Picoult book...I've been reluctant to read her because I've heard that all of her books are tearjerkers.  I mean, I've seen "My Sister's Keeper" (a Picoult book-based movie)...supposedly all her books are like that.  I enjoyed the book, but I'd say about 1/3 of it was mildly boring.

This book wasn't as bad as I was expecting.  Maybe it's because I just couldn't get too attached to the characters.  Or perhaps it's because each chapter was told by somebody different, so I didn't spend forever reading just one person's story.  Or maybe it's because it took me over two months to get this done that I got so detached from it in general and developed more of a "just finish it" rather than a "what happens next" mindset.

The basis:  There's an accident and Luke Warren's life hangs in the balance.  His two children, 17 year old daughter who's been living with him for four years and his estranged son who moved out and of the country 6 years ago and hasn't been home since, have to decide what Luke's wishes would have been if he were awake enough to voice his opinion.  The problem:  his kids disagree on what they think the outcome should be.

Throughout the whole book, there's commentary about wolves (because Luke Warren was a wolf conservationist).  To be honest, I could have done without that.  I feel as if it took away from the story.  I know that learning about everything he did with the wolves was supposed to help the reader also form an opinion of what Luke would want in the end...but I really feel like most of it just illustrated how much of a crazy man he was.  I mean, the man went to Canada to hopefully be accepted into a pack of wild wolves, and subsequently lived with them, fighting and eating alongside them, for two yeas!  To me....crazy.  

Anyway...give it a shot.

Have a great Monday, folks!

(my next lunch book:  The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks...summer's almost here, time for a fun, lighthearted summer reading list!)

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