Random Update

A quick look into my week ahead...

Monday is grocery shopping day...because I spent all day cleaning yesterday and didn't have the time.  Ordinarily on Mondays I make something Mexican in honor of Mexican Monday that we can't really afford to go to with the family anymore...but I had zucchini and basil to use, so Mexican Monday at our house will be Tex Mex Tuesday this week.

On Tuesday, our new mattress is being delivered...I can't wait!!  I'm so ready to sleep on a mattress that doesn't have a hump in the middle!  And I'm so ready to sleep on a mattress that won't leave me with a debilitating back pain the next day that I'm so tired of pushing through.

A bonus of our mattress coming tomorrow:  I can stop feverishly cleaning and actually sit down and relax in the evenings!

On Wednesday, Dave has a CT scan to make sure that nasty nasty cancer is still out of our lives.  And he's taking my car to get an oil change because I .loathe. going to TiresPlus.

On Saturday, I'm going to try to take Aria to visit a gymnastics class to see if she likes it and wants to do it.  Fingers crossed she'll pick it over dance!
***CORRECTION:  On Saturday we're going to the children's museum in Columbia with some dear friends who live SUPER far away.  Thanks mom for the reminder!

Here's a money-saving tip for ya:  Make your menu for the week before going grocery shopping.  You'll spend less and, with everything written down, you won't forget anything, thereby eliminating last-minute trips back to the store.  Plus...by planning it out in advance, you might find there's enough room in your budget to buy that bottle of wine you've been looking at ever week for the last four months!  Here's my menu + shopping list for the week:

Monday:  Sausage Veggie Rigatoni
(sausage, rigatoni, garlic, green onions, basil, zucchini, peeled/diced tomatoes, parm cheese)

Tuesday:  Tex Mex Stuffed Shells
(ground turkey, canned corn, salsa, yellow rice, bell peppers, shredded cheese, sour cream, cilantro)

Wednesday:  Grilled Pork Tenderloin + mashed potatoes
(pork tenderloin, BBQ sauce, country crock mashed potatoes)

Thursday:  Fresh Market Thursday Little Big Meal Deal (it's only $20, y'all!)
(steak strips, stir fry veggie kit, udon noodles, stir fry sauce, cookies)

Friday:  Burgers + corn on the cob
(burger patties, burger buns, lettuce, sliced cheese, corn on the cob)

Saturday:  Cilantro Lime Skillet Chicken + Veggies
(chicken breasts, chicken broth, lime juice, fresh lime, shallots, cilantro, heavy cream, zucchini, squash, green onions, cherry tomatoes)

So there's a quick look into my week!
Hope your's is a good one!

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