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This is my 100th post, y'all!  And in a couple months, I'll be hitting the one-year mark!

FIRST....an update on Dave :)

He got the results today on his most recent CT scan.  His doctor says that everything looks good as in unchanged.  He's more confident now that his two para-aortic lymph nodes are most likely calcified and perhaps have been calcified all along.  The only way to tell FOR SURE would be to take them out and biopsy them...but because they're unchanged and not causing a problem, there's no need to do that.  If his lymph are (and have always been) calcified, that would have changed his initial staging from 2B to 1.  BUT, the course of action (including chemo) would have been the same.  His next CT scan is scheduled for February, then another one in August.  If those look good, then he won't have another scan until the following August.  Everything's looking good so far, so we're SO GLAD to have kicked this thing in the rear for the foreseeable future (and hopefully, fingers crossed, forever)!

I've been reading that the 100th post should contain a list of 100 things you don't know (or maybe you do!) about me.  
So let's dive in!

  1. My birthday is February 6, 1985 (an Aquarius)
  2. I'm a sucker for online quizzes
  3. I have stinky feet...like...man stinky
  4. I can pop my hips in and out of joint (gross, right?!)
  5. I love to shop for office supplies
  6. And organizational items...though I tend not to use them
  7. I'm ULTRA picky about my pens (the ONLY pens worth buying are these right here)
  8. I drive barefoot
  9. My favorite band is, and always will be, Incubus
  10. Likewise, my favorite song is Echo by ^^ 
  11. I do not eat any kind of seafood....not even high-dollar lobster
  12. The texture of grits makes me want to vomit
  13. I can type 78 words per minute...consistently
  14. I used ovulation sticks to get pregnant (and plan on a girl)
  15. I get mad at my phone every time it auto-corrects "bitch" to "butch"
  16. I put ice in my wine...because I'm a girl and can roll like that
  17. I only drink Moscato because it's the only wine that is sweet and doesn't taste like grape juice
  18. I hate grape juice and all things grape flavored
  19. I also hate cherries and all things cherry flavored...too many cherry pickings in Door County as a kid have traumatized me
  20. I'm a habitual non-blinker user if I'm already in a "turn only" lane...I'm already in the right-turn-only lane, why do I need to signal to you with a blinker that I'm turning right?
  21. I do NOT drink tequila because it makes me REALLY angry
  22. I almost never make a recipe exactly how it's written
  23. I tend not to measure things when I cook
  24. But I DO measure things, precisely, when baking
  25. I can eat an entire can of Pringles in one sitting...but luckily I'm an adult and I don't actually do it
  26. I can also eat an entire package of Oreos in one sitting...I have to FORCE myself not to
  27. I really only prefer ice cream in the winter time
  28. If I could, I'd live the rest of my life in Italy
  29. Or London
  30. When I was a kid I got strep throat twice a year every year, every February and October
  31. When eating Rice Krispies, Cheerios, or Crispix, I put AT LEAST 4 or 5 spoons of sugar on top
  32. When making coffee at work (in a standard styrofoam cup), I put AT LEAST 4 creamers in it and 3 or 4 packets of sugar
  33. I drink water like it's going out of style
  34. When I donate blood, I donate for the babies because I'm O-negative, CMV-negative
  35. I love to do puzzles...word puzzles and standard jigsaw puzzles
  36. I'm an overachiever and so I expect my daughter to be an overachiever
  37. I want to take 5 years off from my current life and volunteer for the Peace Corps
  38. I live in an almost-constant state of feeling overwhelmed
  39. I only weighed 116 pounds the summer before my senior year and I still told myself I was overly fat
  40. I dissected a cat my senior year A+P class...and I didn't wear gloves
  41. I cheated on an art project in my Art II class when I asked my best friend to draw one of the still life skulls for me
  42. The concepts of physics that are supposedly common sense make NO SENSE to me at all
  43. I wanted to be a paleontologist as a kid
  44. I still played with Barbies in the 6th grade
  45. I've only had sex with three people
  46. I suck at doing chores
  47. When cleaning, I get stuck when it comes down to finding a place to put the stuff I'm not throwing out
  48. I've said and done a lot of things in my life that I regret...I've hurt a lot of people's feelings and I hate myself for it
  49. I named my first car Tony
  50. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 19
  51. Eating bread and noodles makes my feet swell, but I'll never stop eating them
  52. My daughter said "y'all" the other day...and my heart swelled with pride
  53. My daughter said "holy crap" the other day...and my heart also swelled with pride
  54. I really want to start doing yoga but I'm so tired at the end of the day that the idea of doing anything physical makes me want to fall into a coma
  55. If I had unlimited money, I'd pay off all my family's houses and build them brand new custom ones
  56. I have resting bitch face
  57. I don't say "sorry" often...but when I do, I mean it
  58. Probably because I've heard the word "sorry" so much in my life that it means jack shit to me now...it's just another word
  59. I hate tea....hot tea, chamomile tea, sweet tea, chai tea...all tea
  60. Not to toot my own horn, but my chocolate cake is better than any chocolate cake I've ever had
  61. I wear flip flops probably 355 days a year
  62. I've worked in my current place of employment for 10 years
  63. The person I see in my head is NOT the person I see in the mirror
  64. The person in my head is actually much thinner...but that awful thing in the mirror makes me feel worse about myself than if I never looked in the mirror in the first place
  65. While I want to be extra skinny, I'd be happy just being able to shop at regular stores like Target
  66. I set three alarms in the morning that go off within four minutes of each other and I still manage to sleep through them all
  67. I'd love to stay at home and bake all day long
  68. I take a little too much pride in my Starbucks gold card
  69. I don't like mustard...or any variation of it...plain, spicy brown, dijon, honey mustard...none
  70. I like all things spicy
  71. But I don't like pepperjack cheese (too spicy, ironically)
  72. I don't like anything sour....no sour candy, no lemonade, no lime margaritas
  73. I don't like most fruit because it's all too sour...no peaches, no strawberries (unless doused in sugar)
  74. I do not bite my fingernails
  75. I'm seriously wishing I had NOT undertaken this "100 things" list....I'm honestly not that interesting
  76. I wear my hair in a pony tail not because I love it so much, but because I literally don't know how to do anything else...and it's so damn hot having all that hair resting on my neck and around my face
  77. I regret three of my four tattoos
  78. I'm considering (for the last four years) going back to school for early childhood education...I think 2nd or 3rd grade would be fun
  79. I thought, briefly, in college of changing my major to Psychology because I found it (still find it) so fascinating
  80. I like to look up the meaning of every element in my dreams to find out what's really going on in there (like my most recent recurrent dream of my car being stolen...something about losing my identity or something weird like that)
  81. I wish we lived back in Wisconsin so we could join a bar volleyball league
  82. I wish I had the money to hire a full-time maid
  83. I want to go to culinary school
  84. I wish we were going somewhere exotic for a week next year instead of Disney
  85. I've changed my handwriting style several times in my life
  86. I think my favorite book is Heaven by VC Andrews...I've read it several times
  87. I get mad when I'm coloring with Aria and she says she's done, but I'm not
  88. I also get mad when I'm coloring with Aria and she starts coloring on MY picture with all of her random scribbles
  89. My guilty pleasure TV show is Gilmore Girls
  90. I fell asleep at work one time when I worked at the dancewear store in high school...right on the floor behind the desk...with the door still unlocked
  91. I don't have a favorite movie
  92. I like giving presents SO MUCH MORE than receiving presents
  93. The look on your face when you speak to me means as much, if not more, than the words you're saying
  94. I prefer vanilla ice cream over chocolate cream
  95. I have at least 20 gray hairs and I've officially stopped yanking them out
  96. I don't do well when people who are my equals condescend to me
  97. I tend to struggle with authority...can't nobody tell ME what to do (you like that grammar there, don't you?)
  98. I'm fairly certain that I cry more than the average adult female
  99. Whenever somebody says the n-word, I immediately wonder to myself just how ignorant IS this person
  100. I look like a bitch, but I'm really pretty nice...and quite funny...once you get to know me

Have a good weekend, folks!
PS:  I thought about including pictures in this to break up the monotony of reading...but I for real don't have time for that!

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