Celebration of Life

First things first, I know I owe you a double edition of Fab Friday Five because I slacked off last Friday and didn't do it.  Oops :)

Exactly one year ago yesterday...probably close to this time...Dave and I were sitting in the Urology department at the VA.  A room full of people (and I mean FULL of people) and we were called on before several that were there before us.  All we knew was that Dave had gotten a call that Saturday telling him to come in first thing Monday morning to discuss the results of his ultrasound.

We sat down, met Dr. Fox, and listened as he explained to us that a mostly spherical mass of approximately 2cm was found...the fact that it was spherical indicated it was a tumor, and most tumors there were almost always cancerous and it needed to come out.

He was admitted to the VA that afternoon, had some bloodwork drawn and a CT scan.  

One year ago today, probably also around this same time, we were informed not only of the tumor, but of the two swollen lymph nodes in his abdomen that were indicative of the spread of testicular cancer.  He had surgery that afternoon to remove the testicle and then we spent a long, grueling evening and night at the hospital, against doctor's wishes, until ready to go home the next day.

It's been one year since the diagnosis.
It's been one year since the surgery.
It's been one year since our lives changed forever.

It's been a wild ride.  I've learned a lot about caregiving (I suck at it).  I also learned a lot about cancer and cancer treatments...which is not anything I've ever really planned on learning...and to be honest, I wish I never had to learn it.

It's been one year since Dave was given the inevitable death sentence that comes along with cancer....and he has survived.

Dave posted this yesterday on Facebook:
Well; its been one year and I'm still kicking!!!! It's been rough but I'm happy I beat it and am still cancer free!!! Thank you all for the kind wishes and prayers!!!!!!

One year down, many many many more to go!

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