Random Update

Here's some odds and ends for your Tuesday reading pleasure.  Enjoy!

I'm spending this week at work doing an audit on several SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) books throughout the center...and I must say...I'm having a blast!

Wednesday we are re-instating our regular play dates...yay for some adult time with great friends!

I'm taking this Friday off so that I can have a long 4-day weekend.  I'm totally still taking Aria to school and then I'm going to go browse around 2nd and Charles (it's pay day...wink wink), then perhaps Home Goods and Whole Foods.  Maybe I'll top it off with a trip to Hobby Lobby for some new chalk markers...who knows!  I'm excited!

My child has asked me some tough-to-answer questions lately....
"Mommy, who's God?" -- a tough one for me as we're not trying to force her into a belief system
"Mommy, what's adoption?" followed up with "Is that when mommy's and daddy's give away their children?"
"Mommy, why does the moon follow us to school every morning?"

I just discovered there's a new Simon's Cat...and it's TOTALLY Little Man! Here it is!  And now that you're hooked...go watch all the rest if you haven't before, they're hilarious!

Now that the weather is cooling off, I'm excited to get back outside to play with Aria.  Aria has also been asking for some walks, so I'll be glad to start doing that with her...Lord knows we could use some walking and outdoor activity in our family!

This week's menu isn't anything too exciting...

Sunday:  Tortellini Casserole
(cheese tortellini, ground turkey, spaghetti sauce, melty cheese)

Monday:  Grilled Chicken (not)Tacos + chips
(chicken, montreal chicken seasoning, lime juice, soft tortillas, taco toppings, tortilla chips)

Tuesday:  Meatball Alfredo + breadsticks
(pasta, meatballs, alfredo sauce, breadsticks, melty cheese)

Wednesday:  PLAYDATE
(Dave is on his own!)

Thursday:  Korean BBQ Pork (Fresh Market Thursday Little Big Meal--it's only $20, y'all!)
(pork cubes, caesar salad kit, sweet tea, rice, skillet sauce packet, mini cookies)

Friday:  Sausage and peppers + potatoes
(Chicken apple sausage, red/yellow/orange bell peppers, onion, white potatoes)

Saturday:  Crockpot BBQ chicken sliders + chips
(Chicken, BBQ sauce, slider buns, chips)

Have a nice week, folks!

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