Fab Friday Five - ORGANIZATION edition

Sorry this is a few days late...but guess what?  I don't care :)

First, an update on Dave!  He came home from work on Tuesday feeling like absolute poop.  He was tired, had body aches, and had tummy troubles.  He was miserable and went to bed early.  He took Wednesday off work to recuperate and spent most of the day on the couch.  When I got home from work, he was looking pretty pitiful.  He hadn't eaten much of anything all day.  His temperature was up to 100.2.  Now, during chemo, a fever over 100.4 (or so) meant that his white counts were too low and he was at risk for being neutropenic and needed to go to the ER right away.  BUT, neither of us bothered to ask how long AFTER chemo did we need to worry about that.  So when his fever got up to 101.2 in less than an hour, we decided to head down to the ER at the VA just to be on the safe side. We arrived around 830 PM...had a few tubes of blood drawn, chest xray, and blood cultures drawn.  He was given a hefty dose of tylenol which made his fever break and, subsequently, made him pour buckets and buckets of sweat.  We left the ER around 230 AM with a diagnosis of viral syndrome and slight pneumonia and a prescription for a Z-pack.  He's feeling much better now and has returned to work.


It has become painfully obvious that what I need in my house is organization.  And with organization comes the tools necessary to organize.  I need bins and hooks and drawers and containers and boxes and shelves and ... oh my ... I want to spend all my money on organization items!

34 Insanely Smart DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas | Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design
Glideware website >> here
This is genius!  I've always wanted drawers inside my cabinets that could hold all my pots and pans and I could slide them out when I needed to get into them, but this hanging rack is much nicer!  Even with drawers, you've still got to pile things inside of others.  But with this, there's no need for it.  Everything has a hook and you can take the pan off from the back without having to move all the ones in the front first.  This is genius and I need it in my life.  Right now.  Seriously...Dave, if you're reading this, buy me this (and install it)! **please**

good idea to add a shelf (that has cut out for pipes) for storage under a bathroom sink
The blog this is from >> here
I've always struggled with under-the-sink organization, especially in the bathroom.  There are so many small things in the cabinets and never any shelves.  But look at this!  A shelf that goes AROUND the drain pipe.  That's smart!  Then I could pair it with containers and such underneath the shelf.  What a grand idea!

Attic Storage great idea!
originating blog >> here
The attic!  Oh man.  First off, I love having an attic, but I hate the ladder that leads up to it (is there a way to change my ladder into something with wider steps so it's more stable?)...it just feels so unstable most of the time and I prefer to not go up there.  So because of this, everything in our attic is just merely shoved around up there where the opening is.  BUT...if I had some organization items like these shelves and containers, maybe I could be persuaded to actually get up there.  The flooring in our attic is actually a pretty large space and it is being incredibly underutilized right now.  They've even got the bins color coded for holiday decorations.  That's brilliant!

see other Dollar Tree DIY organization tips >> here
This blog (link in caption above) has a bunch of organization tips using only things found at the Dollar Tree (you know, the dollar store where everything actually is $1).  This is exactly what I need!  I never actually thought to look at the Dollar Tree for bins and things.  Now...picture this....and add that shelf wrapping around the pipes from 2 pictures up.  That would be ideal!

Originating blog >> here
Again, with the under-the-sink thing.  I'm pretty guilty of just throwing things under the kitchen sink.  There's just so much stuff under there and, again, not a shelf in site.  But this lady got smart about it and got containers (filled with smaller containers) and hanging receptacles.  Everything has it's home...though I wouldn't label...I think that's a bit much.  She even took the top off of one of the containers to fit the bigger items.  Also , she too those ugly containers and bags of dishwasher pods and put them all together in one nice container.  That's a good idea!

I see a trip to the Dollar Tree in my near future to see what kind of containers they have :)

Have a great week, y'all!

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