Fun fact:  When I'm going through something emotionally taxing and I'm feeling overwhelmed, EVERYBODY reads my blog.  There have been over 200 page views on my one blog entry.  But when I'm trying to start feeling better and post lighter things, I go back to my typical 10 page views (or less).  Thanks folks for letting me know that the majority of you only care about reading my stuff when I'm not feeling like myself.  Totally means a lot to me.  Moving on...

As I've been trying to get myself feeling better without spending money and time going to a doctor to get put back on antidepressants that I don't particularly care for, I've been thinking about what it is about my general unhappiness that I can change on my own.  Besides more help with general household things that I still can't seem to ask for (like emptying the dishwasher on a daily basis, not just once), its apparent that what I need is some rest and relaxation in maybe a nice tranquil setting.  Sitting on the couch drinking two glasses of wine while my kid is next to me complaining that she doesn't like ketchup anymore and she refuses to eat her hotdog because it touched the ketchup and my husband is sitting on the other couch upset that I forgot about the damn tater tots taking 25+ minutes after he'd already put the hotdogs on the grill doesn't count as "relaxing in a nice, tranquil setting".

So please, enjoy these pictures as I try to imagine myself in each and every one of these places...

Have a great weekend folks and bask in the fact that today and all weekend it should be less than 100°

hammock, ocean, and sunset. yes.

a book on a boat....bliss

Things you need to do when summer comes!

oh man...

be still. listen. set aside your book for one moment & look out at the lake. sip hot coffee as the sun rises to burn off the morning haze. be here now.

This looks so beautiful and peaceful! I could spend a week or more just lounging on that boat dock.

Oh man I need a vacation!

bohemianhomes: Bohemian Homes: Window above the bed

best bathtub ever!

this goes with that white couch i have pinned!

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