Fab Friday Five x2 - TRUTH EDITION

I know I've been neglectful when it comes to the FFF...my bad, y'all.  So here's a double edition for ya!  It's full of truths that EVERYBODY needs to know (and probably most people already do)!
(I claim NONE of these pictures)

When you wish upon a star...

this is what every group project for my entire academic career taught me. every. single. one.

damn skippy! (ha, see what I did there?)

worth a shot!

Wall Decor Bathroom Decor Halloween Funny Reminder Poster - Wash Your Hands or Zombies -

I feel a shitstorm coming...





Like a fart

When life gives you lemons...

biggest pet peeve !!

Grammar is still important, kids.




Comic sans

Never, ever, ever will be.

OK....I got a little carried away there :)
Have a great weekend!

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