BOOK REVIEW: The Luckiest Girl Alive + The Best of Me

I've been listening to/reading a LOT of different books lately.  My problem has been, however, that I'm getting bored somewhere in them and it's taking me so much longer to finish each one.

I WAS reading In Her Shoes at work during lunch, but put it aside to read JAWS during Shark Week (I LOVE Shark Week).  In the midst of that, I had attempted to listen to Never Let Me Go on Audible, but it was just moving too slow for me (and I don't care for the narrator) and had to leave it for a while.  I also started to listen to Broken Dreams, but it's getting a bit ridiculous and had to leave it for a bit, too.

BUT...I did manage to get through two books recently...
one was pretty great and the other was so predictable that it quite pissed me off.


Saw this one mentioned in a blog post over at Bubblegum Chic and I thought to myself:  yep, that sounds like something I should be reading!

It's been compared to Gone Girl, and I guess it is sort of similar in that the lead character is a bit of nut job (actually, she's a HUGE nut job)...but in this story, we learn WHY she is the way she is...as opposed to Gone Girl where the woman is just bat-shit crazy for no reason.

At first glimpse, you're thinking "Geez, this lady's a stuck-up, shallow, rich bitch", but then once you get to know her and learn the events that led up to her current life, eventually you change you're opinion to "Geez, this lady's a stuck up, shallow, bitch...but at least she's legit!"

It gets dark and dreary...and then it gets darker.  There are some hard-hitting issues in this book that some of the reviewers on Amazon said "exploit this nation's tragedies"....but it's a novel...a work of fiction..so get over it!

Right in the first chapter, you get a sense of this woman's inner monologue (and the fun writing):
"Bickering.  It's so much uglier than a heated, dish-smashing fight, isn't it?  At least after that you have sex on the floor of the kitchen, shards bearing the braid of the Louvre pattern weaving an imprint on your back.  No man feels very much compelled to rip your clothes off after you inform him, bitchily, that he left one lone turd floating in the toilet."

A great read, a great story.  Pick this one up, you'll enjoy it!  

(SIDE NOTE:  There's a LOT of foul language in it...so if you get the audio book, do NOT listen to it in the car with your kids!)

I'm a sucker for Nicholas Sparks.  But I tend to prefer the movies over the books because the books tend to get a little...too much, you know what I mean?  

I can handle predictable movies...I cannot handle predictable books.  This particular book was predictable.  It was so plainly obvious what would happen to the two main characters (long lost lovers reunited...surprise surprise Mr. Sparks) and it was even more obvious once the end came near as to what would transpire.  I remember even telling a coworker of mine that if the book ended the way I suspected it was going to end, I'd be pissed.  Well guess what? I was pissed!  It ended exactly how I knew it would.  Stupid book.  

The movie, by the way, was different than the book, but ultimately the same outcome.  Cute movie...but if you've read the book, no need to see the movie.  The movie was, in my opinion, a let down...not the actor's fault...I was already biased to not liking the story.

I'll let you know about JAWS when I finish it.  I'm telling you now, there are definitely weird things in the book that are not in the movie (thankfully).  

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