Fab Friday Five - VACAY NEEDED

If this morning was any indication as how to how the remainder of my day will be, then I'm screwed.  I opened up Aria's car door at daycare (7 minutes early I might add) only to discover that I had forgotten her sneakers on the living room floor.  Sure, I've got plenty of Crocs in the car, but they're not allowed at school.  I quickly called my boss (and subsequently woke her up) and informed her of the situation...I'm pretty sure she chuckled at me...then I drove to the other side of town to go to my parent's house and grab a pair of Aria's shoes there as it was closer than driving all the way back to Grovetown.  Upon arrival, I struggled with the locks because, unfortunately for me, my key wouldn't even go in the stupid things.  So I got back in the car, started out the driveway, and called dad to find out if he had changed the locks when he was screwing with the locks not too long ago.  He hadn't changed the locks, but found it odd that my key wouldn't fit.  As I got ready to put my car back in drive after having reversed all the way out of the driveway, I realized my problem:  I was using MY house key on MY PARENTS house.  Dad's laughing, I'm trying to figure out how to get the phone to switch back from the bluetooth in the car to the actual phone itself so I can get back out and try the appropriate key to get in the damn house (after finding the magic sweet spot because the locks are ridiculous) so I can grab Aria's shoes and head back to school!  Needless to say....my 7 minutes early turned into 30 minute late.  Stupid shoe rule!

I was so flustered I realized I had forgotten my lunch in the car and had to turn around and get it steps before entering the building.

From this, Aria and I have created a new routine:  when she gets home from school on a day that Dave picks her up, she's to take her shoes off and immediately take them upstairs to place on her bed rail where I put her clothes for the next morning.  I'm also contemplating keeping an extra pair of sneakers in the car just in case!

Anyway...I've decided that I SERIOUSLY need a weekend away BY MYSELF!  No kid...no husband...no anything.  Just me, a comfy bed, a place all to myself with no chores, a bottle of wine, and a book.  
Yep, that's exactly what I need.  

Wanderlust has been high on my Pinterest searches again this week....no specific locations listed today...just beautiful pictures.  None of them are mine, I must say...but you can visit my travel Pinterest board for the specific links to the pictures.

Coincidentally, three of these pictures are from Greece (Santorini and Mykonos)....I'll get there one day!

sit and reflect.

Santorini, Greece

✮ Wooden Steps going down to the Beach and the Sunset

Santorini, Greece---Will renew our vows here in 2 more years at 20 years of marriage. Can't wait. It's been too long.

Mount Rainier reflected in Tipsoo Lake at sunset, Washington (by alan howe )

And one more for good measure....

Caldera steps, Oia, Santorini , Greece

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