Back on Track

OK y'all....Halloween was definitely fun!  Aria had a blast in her little American Dream costume.  She had some difficulties with her tights ("mommy, my pants keep falling off!"), and she did get scared a few times to where she wouldn't walk up to a door on her own anymore...but she definitely had a good time!  And of course, Sophie....Sophie was the cutest hot dog there's ever been in the history of hot dogs!  She, too, came out of her shell and walked very nicely among all the other people.  Though, I'm sure it probably helped that everybody smelled like they had food!

I dressed up for the first time in....oh...at least 10 years.  I was a cat (I know, super cliche).  I had cat ears and spent forever in front of the mirror putting on makeup to look like a cat...cat eyes included...only to realize at the last minute that I didn't have cat ears.  I had a whole dang mask.  Ugh.  What a waste of time!  Dave was Uncle Si, complete with bluish plastic cup full of tea.  

We had a bonfire in the driveway.  I know I'm southern and my idea of appropriate temperature is a little skewed, but it was 50°, super windy, and downright frigid outside once the sun went down!  Although....nothing a little wine and smores can't fix :)  We had super awesome Mexican food (rice and CHIMICHANGAS!) courtesy of my surrogate southern grandparents Myrna and Gerald....and the best cilantro ranch he's EVER made.  Mmm cilantro.  Side note....Aria has this book called "Dragons Love Tacos" and it has a page with ingredients on it that dragons like to have on their tacos:  lettuce, cheese, tomatoes.  Aria looked at me last night and said "Mommy, do know what else those dragons would like on their tacos?"  I said "I don't know honey, what do you think they would like?" to which she replied "lots and lots of cilantro!"  I just love her....

A good time was had by all.

Dave got to wear his hat that my super awesome friend Becky made for him.  See, it was cold!
(shhh...it's not just sweet tea in that cup!)

As you may remember, Dave's treatment last week got pushed back because his WBC count was too low.  He was nervous yesterday as he really wasn't sure where his counts were going to be...and he really didn't want them to push treatment back another week. 

Well lucky for him, his counts were up and treatment could commence!  Although...I guess "lucky for him" sounds sort of odd when talking about chemo treatments, but it's fitting.  He's lucky that his counts came up all on their own.  He's lucky that he can move on with his treatment schedule and not have to add yet another week onto it.

He posted this picture to Facebook yesterday:
"Bring on the chemo bitches!!!" was his caption. 

Yesterday was a little worse than the Monday of his first cycle, but still quite similar.  He was tired, felt nauseous, and only wanted to eat a little.  Though I will say that he did eat more yesterday than the previous Monday.  He went to bed early and got some good sleep.  This morning he appeared to be feeling alright.  He drove himself to treatment (and took Aria to school for me) and said he wanted  to have some leftover matzo ball soup for dinner. (YES! No cooking for me!)

Aria is struggling.  She definitely is having a hard time with me giving attention to Dave instead of her.  When we tried to talk about it with her yesterday, she told us that she was acting that way because she was just upset.  She said she's upset because daddy is sick and "I just love you".  She would not tell us whether or not she was afraid of something happening to him.  She told us that she is sad, not angry.  Then everything after that was "I just want to go bed."  So at least we got a little information out of her.  Tomorrow she starts staying at my parent's house for the remainder of the week....and I know that'll be better for her.  She just doesn't understand.

Hoping this week will be predictable and will run as smooth as it can!
Happy Tuesday!

(PS:  I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and seriously contemplated spending all of my money on their home decor and art supplies....and I didn't even get the chance to look at the holiday decorations!  The struggle is real with Hobby Lobby, folks!)

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