Conversations With My Three Year Old

Now that Dave is feeling SO much better and headed off to work today, I'm going to take a day to write about my kid.  Not because I'm one of those moms who's all "Look at my kid...she's the best kid ever!" because let's face it...on any given day, she's often times NOT the best kid ever!  But she's quite witty and rather funny for a 3 year old ("No, three and a half" as she would say) and she brings me joy on days where I just want to be mad.  So here's some funny things that she's been doing/saying lately.  Enjoy!

A:  Mommy, what's that over there?  Put my window down, I can't see it!
M:  It's a construction site.  They're building a gas station.
A:  A CONSTRUCTION SITE?!! Where's my camera?! Mommy, I need to take a picture of it!

A:  Mommy, I see Christmas lights.  CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!!
M:  Baby girl, I don't see any Christmas lights...where are you looking?
A:  Down there mommy!  They're white!  CHRISTMAS IS COMING!! YAY!!
M:  Oh honey...those aren't Christmas lights...those are just cars.
A:  Oh. Look mommy, I see a Christmas tree.  CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!

A:  Look mommy...a penguin truck!! It has penguins in it!! (Dry ice truck had penguins on the back)
M:  I know it may seem like that honey, but it's just an ice truck.  There's no penguins in it.  I'm sorry.
A:  Ice truck?  It has ice in it?
M:  Yes honey, it has ice in it.  A special kind of ice. (because I don't really know how to explain 'dry ice')
A:  Special ice?
M:  Yes, it's used to keep things really really cold, 
A:  Like what?
M:  ....uh....Well honey, mommy's work uses it.  When people come to give some blood for the patients in the hospitals, we put that blood in a box and fill it with that special ice so it stays really cold on its way to the hospital. (I left out the component processing part...she's 3)
A:  Who else uses that special ice?
M: ....uh....I don't know honey.
A:  I know mommy!  The zoo uses it...for the penguins!  That truck is going to the zoo!

A:  Mommy, I went poop! Come wipe my butt.
M:  Aria, if only you could learn to wipe your own butt....
A:  Look mommy, I only went one poop today!
M: ...uh...I didn't know you were in the habit of counting your poop.
A:  Yes mommy, sometimes I go five poops.
M:  Um.....OK.

M:  Aria, go brush your teeth so daddy and I can talk about Christmas.
A:  Christmas?  I want to talk about Christmas!
M:  Mommy and daddy are going to talk about what you might get for Christmas, so you need to go to the bathroom and brush your teeth because you can't hear what we might get you.
A: OK mommy, but don't starting talking about Christmas until I get back!
A:  I want a choo choo train, and a princess toy, and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Paw Patrol.
M:  Ok, so you want a train, a princess toy, a mickey mouse toy, and a paw patrol toy.
A: Yeah...but I want Ariel.  I have to have the clubhouse for all of Mickey's friends to live in.  And I need the Lookout for my paw patrol toys.  And Zuma and Rocky because I don't have them yet.
M:  Oh....

A:  Mommy, my camera isn't working.  It won't take my picture, see?
M:  Well no honey, I don't see, mommy is driving.  But maybe your camera has too many pictures on it and you need to delete some.
A:  Delete?
M:  Yes.  You need to look through your pictures and when you find one you don't want anymore, you hit the red "X" button.
A:  Oh ok. ..... I don't need this picture, it's a baby picture, and I'm a big girl, so I don't need it anymore.  Delete!
A:  Delete...delete...delete...delete...delete... (and on and on and on)
A:  Now I can take more pictures, mommy!  Mommy, say cheese!
M:  Baby I can't...mommy's still driving.
A:  Mommy, look at me! SAY CHEESE!

M:  Aria, it's past your bedtime.  We HAVE to get you upstairs for bed.
A:  Mommy, is it 8 o'clock?
M:  It's 8:43.  Time for bed.
A:  But mommy, it's not 8 o'clock yet!  When it's 8 o'clock, then it's bedtime.
M:  Ugh.

Go to YouTube and search for "Convos with my 2 year old" (season 3 is 'convos with my 3 year old').  
They're really quite hilarious...and spot on! (and before you say "Oh Allysa, I looked up what you told me to and it was grown men....what's up with that?"...yes, that's the one!) 

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