Fab Friday Five

OK, I'm not going to lie....I forgot Friday was coming (that's how horrible this week has been), so I was hanging out on Pinterest last night for....oh....I don't know...several hours :)

Here's some of the goodies I found!

Truffle Hot Chocolate Balls. Put one into a cup of hot milk for an amazing cup of hot chocolate! Wrap several up with a pretty bow and put into a great mug, cute little gift.
Hot chocolate truffle balls (recipe >> here)
Apparently you take just 4 ingredients (or 3, if you don't want the added sugar), melt and stir, then put in fridge for a few hours until it's a scoopable ganache (not a runny ganache....that definitely won't work).  Then you scoop out a few tablespoons, roll into balls, put in the fridge for another few hours.  Once cool and hardened, you can wrap them in plastic wrap and put them in the freezer until ready for use.  Just drop an unwrapped truffle ball into warm milk, let it dissolve and mix, and enjoy! Mmm....I sure do love hot chocolate weather!

Aww...best friends!

Oh Tardar Sauce....you get me.

A Whole Bunch Of Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas - Christmas Decorating -
I'm seriously looking forward to the holidays this year!  They just can't come soon enough.  A time when all the hell of the last two months can dissipate and love, giving, and family can flourish.  Thanksgiving will be hard, no doubt, as it'll be a treatment week (assuming his white counts act right after this cycle), but it'll be great having the family around the table to come together for a good meal and good conversation.  And I'm excited to get in the kitchen and cook my mac and cheese (this may be the first year I use a recipe I've previously used...maybe) and my twice baked potato casserole...mmm! As far as Christmas...we'll be doing the whole thing (Christmas eve and Christmas day) at our house this year.  And Dave's family is coming up, so it'll really be a special time.  I believe Christmas eve is also the last night of Hannakuh (channakuh?) so I think Dave's parents are planning on doing something special for Aria in regards to that. We won't be able to give extravagant  gifts this year as these last few months have been real hard on us financially, but as everyone always says..."it's the thought that counts".  Christmas will also *hopefully* mark the end of treatment.  I'm just ready for it.  I'd take my tree down out of the attic and put it up this weekend if I could!  
I'm feeling festive! 

Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life but it will surely add life to your years.
Lets get serious for a minute.  How can anybody go through life being so angry and cynical all the time?  That's no way to live!  You'll surely lead a miserable life if you can't figure out a way to smile and laugh with your friends and loved ones.  Family and friends is what keeps me grounded.  There is NO better time than having family dinner and maybe game night and your face hurts by the time you leave from smiling and laughing so much.  That's what makes for an awesome life.  If you're going through something that's beyond your control, don't be angry.  What is being angry going to solve?  Is being angry actually making you feel better?  Is being angry to those around you helping those people help you to feel better?  No.  It's not.  There's no need to be so angry all the time.  Ask yourself : why am I so angry?  If you can't come up with a reasonable answer, then figure out a way to deal with whatever it is you've got going on.  

Spend time with family and friends.  
Laugh as often as you can.  
Find a way to inject happiness into everything you do and everything you go through.  
You'll have a more fulfilling life....I guarantee it!

Have a happy Friday, y'all!

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