Best Present Ever

By now everyone has heard that, on Friday February 6th (my 30th birthday), just before noon, my husband found out he was CANCER-FREE!

He called me at work, just before noon, and the following ensued:
D:  Hey honey, I know you're not really having the greatest of days, and I know that you hate to cry at work, but I'm going to have to make you cry.
A:  Um, OK.
D:  Dr. Sadek called me.  [his hematology oncologist]
A:  Oh God. [already preparing for bad news because whenever doctors call you, it's never good]
D:  He said that after looking at the PET scan, it can be determined that there are no more cancer cells anywhere in my body.
A:  [already crying, so speaking in a whisper] That is so good....so good.....

My poor front desk coworker didn't know what was going on (and probably didn't hear me whisper about it being good), so she called mom up to check on me.  Mom comes around the corner, I'm blubbering, but giving her the 'thumbs up'...which normally for me would mean "I'm not really OK, but as far as anyone is concerned, I'm fine."  I quickly scrawl on a post-it note "no more cancer cells anywhere" and then she's crying, too.  Pretty soon almost everyone at the front desk is getting teary.

Needless to say, I was pretty unproductive for the rest of the day!!

People keep saying to me that God is working through me (because of everything I was doing to help my coworker and his family in December with their little baby while going through what Dave and I were going through) and is shining bright on me.  All I have to say to that is....well maybe....because the only thing I've really been needing from the Big Guy is to hear that we're finished with this whole cancer mess...and now I have that, and we found out on my birthday.  So thanks, Sir, for gifting us with that awesome, AWESOME, news.

Now if a girl could just get a vacation! Ha!

Have a great Monday, folks!

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