Convos With My Kid

It's amazing how, when I really get down to thinking about it, my kid does an awful lot of silly things in just one week's time!

Below is a legend...because I realize that some of these conversations will have taken place with people other than me, and it'll just be easier this way :)
M-Me     D-Dave     G-Grandma     P-Papa     W-Uncle Will     J-Aunt Jill

A Lesson on How to be a Diva
A:  *singing along with her new Doc McStuffins microphone* I feel better, so much better, thank you Doc for taking all the ouchies away........
*finishes singing*
*everyone claps and claps*
A:  *sings again*
G:  Thank you doc for taking all the...
A:  *stops singing* No Grandma! YOU DON'T SING!
A:  *continues singing from the beginning*
nobody claps this time (because we already clapped, of course)
A:  CLAP!!
*everyone starts clapping*
A:  Clap LOUDER!
A:  *notices Jill is busy laughing instead of clapping*  Jill, you didn't clap.  CLAP!!
(repeat x3)
J:  Oh my God, make sure you put this in your blog! (check!)

A Lesson on Valentine's Day
M:  How was your Valentine's party at school today?
A:  It was good.  It was somebody's birthday, so we had cupcakes with blue icing.  Look, I got it all under my fingernails.
M:  Oh goodie.  Did you get a lot of Valentines in your treat bag?
A:  Yeah, but the teacher didn't pass out my valentines.
M:  Are you sure honey?  They passed out everybody's.
A:  Well mommy, they passed out everybody else's bud didn't pass out mine.
M:  Well honey, that can't be right.  That doesn't sound right.
A:  No mommy, it's right.  They were on the counter with everybody else's and they just didn't pass out mine.
M:  How do you know?
A:  Because there isn't a sucker in my treat bag and my Valentines had suckers, so they didn't pass them out.
M:  Well honey, you wouldn't have gotten one of your OWN Valentines...they were for all of your friends.
A:  I know mommy, but they didn't pass out mine.  I just wanted one of my suckers!!
*looking through her treat bag at home later*
A:  Oh look mommy, they DID pass out my Valentines....I have one of my suckers!!

On a side note from the above Valentine's Day convo....some parents are just plain dumb.  It is more than fine for you to feed whatever kind of horribly-inappropriate candy to your kid that you see fit.  That's fine.  But DON'T introduce that kind of candy to MY kid.  My 4 year old does not yet need to know about full-size blow pops (the ones with the gum).  My 4 year old absolutely cannot eat Laffy Taffy or Now-n-later.  Be reasonable with your candy choices when providing candy for children.  It's not hard.  Let your common sense kick in and choose a candy/snack that is appropriate for the collective age....not just yours. (And thank God there were not any live animals given to the kids this time!!)

A Lesson on McDonalds
A:  Why did daddy call?
M:  To remind me to check your food before I leave the drive-thru (I hate that they don't spell it "through"....drive mes nuts!) to make sure it's correct.
A:  The last time daddy and me went to McDonalds, my burger was wrong.  They had mustard, pickles, and ONIONS on my burger! Gross!
M:  Oh, that is gross! Sometimes that happens, honey.
A:  Yeah, it happens a lot because they're such idiots at McDonald's.

Other things that occurred with Aria this week:
1.  She had a melt down when she came downstairs on Sunday after her nap and realized that I had taken down the Christmas tree (shut up, don't judge me!!) without her....she then proceeded to tell me, over and over again, how I hurt her feelings by doing that.
2.  We surprised her with a trip to the movies to see Paddington (super cute, FYI) and all we got at the end was "But I wanted to go somewhere with a playground!" .... ungrateful brat!
3.  Aria had blue frosting on the cupcakes at school on Friday, had a blue icee at the movies on Saturday, and wanted a blue slushie at Chili's for dinner that same night.  On Monday night....her poop was blue.  Like...BLUE! (also...she was EXTRA wired on Friday and Saturday from all that extra sugar she's not used to!)
4.  Aria came down the stairs and found her new Barbie convertible....10 minutes later, Barbie convertible comes flying through the kitchen with Barbie, Cookie Monster, Minnie Mouse, and a Madagascar penguin all riding together.  Three of the four were buckled in, at least...even though Minnie was living dangerously and was actually riding outside of the car.

Have a great Thursday!
(unrelated Throwback Thursday side note:  I totally just heard a coworker say "all that and a bag of chips"!)

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