Convos With My Kid

I was reading that successful blogs often have "series"...recurrent blog entries of the same theme.  I already do one series with 'Fab Friday Five', but I think I've come up with my second series...'Convos With My Kid'.  She's a wealth of interesting topics and says some of the most hilarious, but often times enlightened, things!  On a side note, I think she's close to stumping me with her questions and I better brush up on my knowledge!

So, without further ado...

Conversations with my 3 (almost 4) year old lately....

A lesson on anatomy
M:  Daddy told me you had some of his cereal for breakfast today.
A:  Yeah, it was good.  It went into my tummy and then it's going to come out of my pooper.

A lesson on modesty
during her first big girl shower
M:  *peeks in curtain to make sure she's getting all the shampoo out of her hair*
A:  No mommy, close the curtain! You can't see me naked!

A lesson on recognition
D:  Aria, look at this cool bottle (*shows Aria a beer bottle shaped like Buddha*)
A:  Daddy, is that you?

A lesson on birds of prey
A:  Mommy, what are those birds up there?
M:  I think they're vultures, honey.
A:  Vultures?  Well what do they eat (the most important part of learning about new animals is knowing their diet apparently)
M:  Vultures eat dead animals.
A:  Eww, that's gross!  How did those animals die?
M:  Sometimes they die because they're super old, sometimes because they're sick, and sometimes because they get hit by cars.
A:  Yeah, and then the vultures eat them.  I think dead animals are gross, but vultures think they're yummy.  MMM!

A lesson on the weather
A:  Mommy, are those rain clouds?
M:  Yes, they are.
A:  But it's not raining.
M:  That's correct.
A:  Why aren't they raining yet?
M:  Because they're not ready to rain yet.
A:  Why?
M:  Ugh...because sometimes rain clouds just aren't ready yet.
A:  Look, I see those clouds moving!  I bet when they move over there (points across the road) then they'll be ready to rain.
M:  Maybe...
*later on same car ride*
A:  Look mommy, those rain clouds are moving away, and it didn't rain.  Why not?
M: Well, I'm not sure honey.  I guess those clouds just didn't want to rain today.
A:  Then they're not rain clouds, mommy, just grey clouds.  How do you know if grey clouds are rain clouds?
M:  Um.....I don't really know honey.

A lesson on Heaven (and priorities)
M:  Aria, do you understand what happened to that little girl [on that Star Trek episode we just watched]?
A:  Yeah.
M:....so, what happened to her?
A:  She died.
M:  That's right.  And then where did she go?
A:  To Heaven.
M:  That's right.
A:  But we're not ever going to die.
M:  Well honey, as sad it is, everybody dies eventually.  But not until they're super super super old.
A:  But I'm not going to die.  I don't want to go to Heaven.
M:  Oh honey, some day, a LOOOOONG time from now, like when you're 100 years old, you might die.  And honey, you definitely want to go to Heaven.
A:  But they don't have toys in Heaven.
M:  Sure they do!  They have more toys in Heaven then you've ever seen.
A:  OK...but I bet they don't have my shows, so I don't want to go.

Have a pleasant Thursday!

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